Automate employee support lines with Amazon Connect

Automate employee support lines with Amazon Connect

Automate employee support lines with Amazon Connect

Businesses are unclear of the impact a crisis like COVID-19 will have on their employees, customers, and communities. Many companies prioritise their employees’ health while still operating in these unique circumstances. Maintaining this equilibrium is difficult, especially when doing it manually demands a lot of work. Therefore, companies have experimented with automated contact centre solutions. The majority of solutions, meanwhile, cost a lot up front and take some time to implement. Businesses are routinely compelled to sign yearly licences, even if they are unaware of how temporary the solution is.

We listened to our clients’ needs and developed a quick, affordable, and simple-to-deploy employee well-being contact centre solution. We have developed an omnichannel cloud-based solution using Amazon Connect that enables businesses to automate their COVID-19 support line. This blog post examines how our product automates either outbound or inbound contacts—or both—to report on employee wellness.

What Are The Functions Of Amazon ERC?

  • Regarding the Amazon Employee Scheme and employee issues, the Amazon ERC provides help to the Amazon HR staff.
  • The HR division and the Amazon ERC offer excellent advice and tremendous insight in resolving even the minor challenges.
  • The primary purpose of the Amazon ERC is that when you call the number, a person will answer and attempt to resolve your issue as quickly as feasible.

What Is The Importance Of Amazon HR Department?

Any business’s human resource department, which is its beating centre and is essential to its growth, is what makes an organisation what it is. . The Amazon employees are working from their housesas a result of the worldwide pandemic catastrophe. As a consequence, Amazon employees may now phone the ERC number to get in touch with the HR department.

Solution architecture:

The AWS Cloud serverless services were used to build the complete solution. Amazon Connect, Amazon Pinpoint, and Amazon Lex are the systems that power the phone, text, and chat interactions. It uses the AWS Lambda service to fulfil its computational needs.It makes use of the AWS Glue and Amazon Athena services for data processing and analytics. The system uses Amazon QuickSight to give insights from help-desk calls, and you can use it to produce interactive dashboards and send reports as necessary.

Employee health dashboard:

The data from call interactions is automatically analysed and made available on the dashboards of Amazon QuickSight. Numerous AWS Lambda functions are used to automatically gather the call data and employee interactions, which are then saved in a DynamoDB table. You may create individualised dashboards that display the current health condition of your staff. Your business may use this information to make better educated choices about how to promote the safety of your employees. Additionally, you may tailor reports to your business.

How does it work?

A list of workers is kept in an Amazon DynamoDB database, and the solution automates and personalises outbound calls to that list. It now prompts them to choose one of the choices listed below.

  • Choose option 1: You are safe to report.
  • Select 2 to contact a helpline representative for immediate assistance.
  • Choose option 3 to communicate with a COVID-19 AI chatbot.

Employees can contact the inbound helpline directly or send an SMS with the phrase “HELP” (keywords customizable) to seek a callback. Simply by picking up the phone, agents may be set up to support staff members.

The group responsible for running Amazon’s employee resource centres and making ensuring that all Amazonians receive effective, sympathetic help for their HR requirements

Amazonians have access to the Employee Resource Center (ERC), an HR partner, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. We are one of the biggest HR contact centres in the world, and we provide phone and live chat help for current workers and graduates. On a wide range of enquiries, we provide precise and prompt answers.

We interact with more Amazonians than nearly anybody else at Amazon and service our coworkers, who are also our customers. We cause disruption by questioning outdated procedures and regulations on the inside.

To offer sympathetic and enjoyable experiences, we equip our staff with resources, instruction, mentoring, and strong leadership.

What Is The Role Of Amazon ERC Department?

You may phone or chat with the staff using the ERC number to acquire information about the work shifts, payroll, work completion and allotment, and many other topics. The personnel will always be on hand throughout regular business hours. The Human Resource department has several benefits in building friendly ties with everyone.

The ERC helps Amazon workers with their HR needs by responding to their inquiries in a fast, accurate, and consistent manner. . They assist the employees in developing a bright future in the organisation by exhibiting a genuine vigilance and pleasant attitude toward them..


To contact the Human Resources division with questions or issues encountered while working, use your Amazon ERC number. The massive workforce of the Amazon ERC works effectively and efficiently to address the problems as they arise. The help of Amazon ERC’s HR department is crucial to the efficient operation of the business.

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