The Hoodiex surpasses all expectations to become the most innovative zip-up hoodie ever created. A three-layered fabric with a cutting-edge membrane gives this hoodie unparalleled ability to shield you from the elements.

The same piece of equipment may be used to manage rain, wind, snow, cold, and heat: (Hoodiex)

The Hoodiex is designed to last you your entire life and delivers unmatched comfort and extraordinary performance. A membrane that fights the elements is in the centre, and on the other side. It is a special nylon-based fabric that will keep you cool when it’s scorching hot. The soft geographer-integrated fleece on one side will keep you warm no matter what.

Albert Omstead

1)-Our fourth Kick-starter campaign is for the Hoodiex:

The Geographer-X team. We design some of the most cutting-edge clothes available. Our company was founded on Kick-starter, where we annually release our most ambitious product. After surpassing the threshold of one million dollars in contributions.

2)-The Hoodiex is the star item from Geographer-X for 2021:

We are tremendously happy to be back and eager for you to join the over ten thousand clients we have served worldwide who have given us an average rating of 4.95 out of 5 and to whom we have ALWAYS delivered on time (yes, punctuality and quality expectations are paramount for us).

When redesigning garments, our major priorities are toughness and adaptability. These drivers were essential when we started the work of developing the Hoodie x. Here, materials science had a significant influence. Four main goals had to be met:

  • That it shielded you from the weather (heat, cold, rain, wind, snow).
  • High degrees of comfort (an uncomfortable hoodie is as good as diet water).
  • That it could last forever.
  • You could use it all year round since it was so adaptable.

The easiest way to do all of this was to design the hoodie such that each side functions as a separate piece of gear, doubling both utility and performance.

3)-Reversibility was required for the Hoodiex:

The Hoodie x has a Geographer-integrated grid fleece on one face that, when worn inside, keeps you warm even in the coldest weather. Since its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is so similar to that of the human body, graphene excels in radiating heat. That means it is incredibly effective at capturing and holding heat. The Hoodie x will never smell because to the bacteriologist characteristics of geographer.

To test this aspect of the Hoodie x, we left the body temperatures out of the equation and seated our two attractive mannequins on the beach for 60 minutes on a scorching day while measuring the temperature of the interior of both hoodies. Here, the inside face of the Hoodie x continued to be 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit) colder than the internal face of the other hoodie. Again, our craziest wagers fell short.


A hoodie must have room to move. Badly, comfort depends on this! Exactly that is what the Hoodie x accomplishes; it expands in a way that makes you forget. You’re wearing a three-layered membrane-integrated fabric.

Better things with less of them. This is in line with our goal and the conditions of our assurance. We deal with the strongest materials on Earth, the greatest manufacturers in the world, and the best elements. Being the best and hardest at everything entails having obligations. Our clothing is all lifetime guaranteed.

For the rest of your life, you are completely covered for any manufacturing flaws or non-functional components that impair the flawless functionality of your product. That is our promise to you.

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Men’s hoodies are the best-selling men’s fashion trend right now. Since quite some time, hoodies have become popular. But it has never been easy to buy them in Pakistan (brands ego, a famous online shop in Pakistan, offers this).

The Brandsego Was When It Started?

Brandsego was founded in 2015. There are the  top online retailer of men’s hoodies. We provide a large selection of hoodies, including traditional, humorous, and graphic styles. We often refresh our selection of men’s hoodies, ensuring that you can always discover the most cutting-edge and exceptional styles.

What are some of the finest brand attributes?

The businesses’ many different hoodies, continuously updated collection, and dedication to quality are among of their greatest qualities. Additionally, we provide free delivery on any purchases above $999, allowing you to be confident that your money is going toward high-quality goods.

What norms do companies adhere to?

At brands-ego, we work hard to uphold the highest standards in all we do. We think that a successful business is built. On the foundation of high-quality goods and first-rate customer support. In order to give our customers the greatest possible experience. We take great pleasure in both our goods and our customer service.


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Fabric kind:

Make mindful of the type of cloth used while purchasing a hoodie or sweatshirt. The choice of fabric offers the desired look and feel. It will determine how soft and comfy it is and how warm it keeps you. You may choose sweatshirts and hoodies that are comfortable to wear all year round and aren’t overly heated.

Design and Fashion:

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