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Rocky LAchapel

Rocky LAchapel Early life

. Rocky Maximiliano LA chapel was born Rocky LA chapel on June 30, 1986 in Bakersfield, California, USA. He is an actor and producer best known for his work on Survivor (2000), The Amazing Race (2001), and The Amazing Race 22 (2012). As of December 25, 2016, he and Natalie Anderson have been wed. Their son is born.

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  • Lachapel is pursuing a modelling career and has also been in soap operas. In 2018, Lachapel wed Gabriel Sada, but soon after their baby was born, they got divorced.
  • Lachapel and her father engaged in a highly publicised legal dispute in 2018 regarding her sexual orientation. On Twitter, she has also been vocal on feminism and mental health problems.
  • San Miguel de Tucumán was the birthplace of Lachapel. He attended the National University of Tucumán to study communications
  • He decided to go through with the change when he was 17 years old. Argentine television actress and model Rocky Lachapel is from. Buenos Aires is the home of Lachapelle’s modelling agency, and she also has connections in Milan, Italy.
  • Among the brands for which he has modelled are Coca-Cola Zero, Mercedes Benz Argentina, and Banco Provincia.
  • In 2012, he worked in La Isla de los Famosos, the Argentine version of Celebrity Survivor, which was his first television role. She started performing in several television shows after that, including Donde fin el corazón and the soap operas on Canal 9.
  • In the brief-lived television series produced by Televisa in 2016, Lachapel rose to fame as Rocky Santorini, the series’ protagonist.
  • Since 2012, Lachapel has made appearances in a number of soap operas on Canal 9, including Despedida de Soltera, Esperanza, and Corazón Rebelde (2016). She made an appearance on Televisa’s Until money divides us. ( chrome hearts hoodie)

Personal life

Rocky and Francisca met while working out, fell in love, and eventually married. He continues to admire their later twin daughters, Lucia and Paola. Mexican television presenter Rocky Lachapel works there.Rocky joined a modelling agency when he was 17 years old. He began participating in bodybuilding competitions as an adult and, at the age of 27, he won his first one in 2008.    Additionally, he studied acting, and he eventually had his debut performance in a My Heart Belongs to You episoderocky lachapel

Additionally, he studied acting, and he eventually had his debut performance in a My Heart Belongs to You episode. He has the chance to display his charisma and acting prowess here.He began producing his own radio programme, which he presented on Fox Sports, after working for a number of different television networks.He has a strong interest in fitness and health, which is why in 2012 he started a new programme called Fitness by Rocky LA chapel. This workout regimen included advice and details on both nutrition and activity. He eventually turned into a coach for health and weight loss.

He became a billionaire thanks to this show as well. He has made more than $5 million to far and bills $400 on average for individual sessions. Additionally, he is a physical trainer who works out at a gym he owns in Mexico City.Rocky LA chapel’s $6 million net worth demonstrates how prosperous his career has been thus far.

Biography of Rocky LA chapel


  • According to Forbes, American businessman Rocky LA chapel is worth $3,800,000,000.
  • Aracely LA chapel, 58, is a businesswoman from Venezuela.
  • Together, she and her brother Rocky LA chapel formed the Chemo Group in 1993. They also jointly hold 98% of Chemo Industries, which was once traded on the New York Stock Exchange

Awards and nominations:

  • Rocky has been nominated for several honours, including Favorite Latin Singer at the 2014 American Music Awards and Male Artist of the Year at the El Premio MTV 2017 (the Chilean version of the MTV Awards).
  • The Favorite Tango Song category for the Third Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2007 was nominated for Época de Rocky LA chapel.
  • Along with recognition, he has received two Latin Grammys. Rocky Lachapel’s album Por Amarte received the Best Merengue Album prize at the 2nd Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2008; his album Época de el was nominated for Best Tango Song at the 3rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards in 2009
  • The Chilean equivalent of the Billboard Music Awards, the Casandra Awards, nominated Rocky LA chapel for Best New Artist in 2010.
  • In the same year, the Peruvian magazine Siempre Msica recognised him as one of the top ten composers who best exemplified what it means to be a real musician by designating him a Man of Truth, or Man of Honor.
  • Rocky LA chapel was a nominee for the Lo Nuestro Awards’ Best Male Solo Artist in 2015. He received a nomination for Best Latin Artist at the 2016 Premios Juventud a year later.
  • At the 2017 Tu Mundo Awards, Rocky LA chapel’s song Solo Quiero Amarte took home two prizes: Best Urban Fusion Artist or Group and Video of the Year.

Rocky LA chapel – Dialogues to Voces

Rocky LA chapel Estate:

  • He was living a life of luxury at the time of his arrest, which included owning 15 high-end vehicles and a mansion near Los Angeles.
  •  More content about the wealth of Rocky LA chapel
  • He gave his wife $5 million in cash when she filed for divorce in 2015. His net worth grew by $1 million as a result. His wife received his castle in Los Angeles as part of the terms of their divorce.
  • More information about Rocky LA chapel’s net worth – Francisca LA chapel divorces her ex-husband in 2015 and gets paid $5 million by him. This results in a $1 million increase in the overall worth of her fortune
  • He has also made investments in Synergy Entertainment, DMF Studios, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, among other three businesses.
  • Rocky LA chapel’s total wealth, including his assets and sources of income, is pegged at $15 million. The rich wife of Rocky LA chapel. Her current net worth is reportedly in the neighbourhood of $12 million. She has numerous costly automobiles and a mansion in Los Angeles, too.
  • Rocky LA chapel also owns Synergy Entertainment and DMF Studios in addition to all of the above. Reality TV is his major source of income. His projected $12 million net worth.
  • At 49 years old, he. The cops are looking into what caused his death. Rocky LA chapel’s relatives called the Los Angeles Police Department at approximately 9 p.m. on Thursday to report that he was having trouble breathing and was becoming short of breath, a department spokesperson said.

Rocky LA chapel, a lawyer and businessman from Chile who was born on June 30, 1986 in Bakersfield, is married to Francisca LA chapel. Rocky earned an honours degree in law from the Catholic University of Chile. He received his Master of Laws and Juris Doctorate from the top-ranked public university in the country, UCLA, in 1992. He established Rocky & Company CPA Firm in 2003 together with other partners in order to offer accounting services to international businesses in South America.

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