Squoval nails

Squoval nails

“Part square, part oval, a squoval nail form is exactly what it sounds like. It blends straight tips’ simplicity of use and convenience with curved edges’ additional softness. In essence, it combines the best of both worlds.”

Squoval nails are a hybrid of the traditional oval and square nail forms. Square and oval nails may be cut to your chosen length and are both quite simple to maintain.

They are a wonderful alternative if you enjoy having space to design and adorn your nails but don’t want to deal with the maintenance or care required for some of the lengthier nail designs.

Benefits of Squoval Nails

They’re Easy 

You only need the basic tools in your manicure kit to create and maintain squoval nails. Some of the longer nail shapes and styles require more upkeep and care, but once your squoval nails are complete, you can go about your day with ease.

They’re Good for Long and Short Nails 

Short nails can make some designs more challenging to pull off, but long or short nails can both be clipped into squoval shapes. They are therefore a fantastic choice for whatever nail requirements you may have. You may start creating your fashionable and lovely new nail style right now, without having to wait for your nails to fully grow out.

They’re Versatile 

Because squoval nails look good in both long and short styles, they’re one of the most versatile and fun-to-decorate nail options available. With squoval nails, you can decide how hard or soft you want the edges to be.

That can make it easy to decorate with your favorite gems, jewels, decals, and stamps. Once you know what look you love, you can trim and style it to match.

They’re Very Flattering 

It’s understandable why squoval nails have been dubbed one of the most attractive nail forms. They impart length and movement to the nail and the finger, which lends an air of delicacy and femininity. They do this by taking the elongating advantages of the oval form and softening them. This makes the manicure stylish and exquisite and provides you with self-assurance no matter what you’re wearing.

How Do You File Squoval Nails?

Step One: Collect Your Tools 

The fact that you don’t need any extra equipment makes the squoval nail form an excellent choice for any nail art fan. All you need are nail clippers and a file to get oval nails.

Step Two: Cut Your Nails 

When it comes to getting your nails ready for a scalloped design, this is the most crucial stage. You may choose how long or short you want your oval nails to be at this point. With care, start clipping your nails until you get the desired form.

Start with a square shape and work your way toward an approximate oval. With the file, much of the smoothing will be accomplished. On each nail, repeat this action.

Step Three: File Your Nails 

Squoval nails FIle

Start by filing the edges of your rather square nails to give them a more oval shape. You may now choose whether you want your nails to fall more in the center, more along the oval or square lines, or anywhere in between.

To make your square nails more oval, it’s crucial to file the corners off of them using steady, lengthy strokes. Take your time and strive for that consistent appearance since short, hurried strokes will make it difficult to achieve the even, smooth lines that make squoval nails so adorable.

Decorate Your Squoval Nails

Once you’ve achieved the ideal shape, you may start embellishing your squoval nails in your preferred ways. Here are some ideas for square nail art that we like.

Geometric:     Your squoval nails appear longer and move more elegantly because of the geometric lines, and there are so many distinct geometric design possibilities that you’re sure to discover something you like. Opt for a strong print or embrace thin, delicate lines for elegant simplicity.

Metallics:       Metallic manicure polishes are eye-catching and daring on any nail style or shape, but they truly stand out when combined with a lovely squoval pattern. Go delicate with rose gold hues or make a statement with a bright, modern, and cold silver tone.

Base Decoration:        One of the classic nail art designs is tip décor, but a little decoration at the base of the nail can look really unique and innovative, as well. With squoval nails, it also helps to highlight the beautiful shape of the nail tip.

Decals:     Squoval nails may make a beautiful background for minimalist decals since they are graceful and attractive. For a particularly lovely finish, we adore a flower or leaf decal that hugs the nail’s contour.


With so many different nail shape ideas and designs to pick from, it can be difficult to know where to start. We think squoval nails are one of the best options for novices and professionals alike.

They’re modern, trendy, and full of creative possibilities, and you can create them right at home with the tools you already have in your manicure kit. Squoval nails are also a great option for many different creative designs and styles—the only limit is your imagination.

Whether you want to experiment with the squoval nail or another nail shape, we at Nailboo want to support you in developing your creative side so you may consistently generate beautiful and original manicure looks. Because we use the nail dip paint method, you can obtain manicures that are as good as those at a salon without having to worry about finding the time or money to go there.

We have a growing selection of nail tutorial instructions and ideas that you may utilize for your upcoming major event or favorite holiday in addition to the simple-to-use nail dip kits that are offered here at Nailboo. Find your preferred squoval nail look in our collection for your upcoming manicure.

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